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I took my first yoga class in the winter of 2012. It was a yoga sculpt class, fast paced, with weights, lots of core and leg work; it was hot and I wanted to throw a weight at the instructor’s head (sorry Rah!). However, despite the “torture” I was hooked. I continued taking the sculpt classes about once a week, in addition to my regular strength workouts, for the next year. I gained more strength and flexibility with yoga and the classes were a lot of fun! It was while taking these classes that I considered teaching yoga. In the winter of 2013, the sculpt classes were on hiatus, my then husband and I were separated, and I missed yoga.

Finally, I found a Groupon for Core Power Yoga, took some classes there, I loved the heat of the classes, the physicality of yoga, the calmness it gave me, and looked into teacher training. In June 2013, I took Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training at Core Power Yoga and received my teaching certificate in July. Upon suggestion, I signed up for the 200hr Teacher Training for fall and received my certificate in December 2013. I have a lot of fun teaching yoga to my students and love to hear about the improvements that they’ve noticed within their own bodies! I ensure a safe practice environment by focusing on correct form and offer variations for poses for all levels of practice. I offer private yoga sessions and private group yoga sessions and can customize these services with nutritional health coaching. I specialize in relaxing candlelight, wine and cheese (and CHOCOLATE) sessions designed to calm your mind and relax your body. Contact me today to schedule a private session or watch the Events page for Candlelight Yoga events!


Angela is both compassionate and a motivator. She will pressure you to do better than you think you can but keeping everything extremely safe. Be ready to take a nap after the yoga sessions – Forrest R.

I have gained increased strength and flexibility from Angela’s yoga sessions. My knees feel better and I have decreased back pain. – Mary M.

Candlelight yoga was exactly what I needed after a busy work quarter; it felt great to stretch and relax with yoga. – Caroline F.

I feel great after several yoga sculpt sessions! I have more energy, improved moods, less back pain, and I am able to wear smaller sized clothing! – Tracie M.

Private Yoga Session

  • $100/hour a la carte
  • Package of 10 = $800 and package of 20 = $1200
  • Private yoga can be combined with health coaching for $145/hour
  • Private group yoga session for special events for $100 per hour – minimum 5 people
  • Combine with health coaching for $175/hour

Skype Yoga Sessions

Skype yoga sessions are an excellent way to bring yoga directly to YOU! We will work with your unique body to tailor and structure a yoga practice just for you. This structure is more intimate than using a yoga DVD, plus you will receive variations and proper alignment cues from me!.

So how does this work? We will video chat by Skype. I will lead you through yoga sequences using verbal cues as well as demonstrating some postures. We will discuss your unique needs prior to our first session. This will allow me to determine an appropriate practice for you – if you are a beginner or have other limitations, no problem! We will sort through this before our first session. Then we will schedule our sessions together! If I feel that your needs would best be suited to a yoga studio or in home private yoga, I will give you a referral.

  • I will walk you through a basic vinyasa yoga sequence.
  • I will assist you in finding variations for postures that may be challenging.
  • Interested in a more intense yoga workout? I will guide you through Yoga Sculpt workout!
  • I can customize a yoga practice specifically designed for YOU and your needs.
  • I can customize a daily morning practice that we can go through together or on your own.
  • I will email you the yoga sequence so that you can practice on your own in between sessions.

There are endless possibilities!

$50 per hour a la carte

Package of 8 sessions = $300

Package of 12 sessions = $360