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I host retreats because I love to travel and I love having fun. Sightseeing, experiencing new cultures, good food, wine, and CHOCOLATE – all around the world! I could post pics from my travels for you to drool over but I want to take YOU with me!

I host these retreats so that YOU can escape and have a blast, too! What better way to escape from the daily grind and experience the world than with a group of awesome women? AND all the details handled FOR you? HEAVEN!

So many places to go…I will add a New York City weekend in late November / early December (beautiful decorations, great shopping, great theatre!).

I’m adding to a list of 2016 locations – but I would like your input! Where do YOU want to go? What place has always called to you, for luxury – adventure – sightseeing? Friend me on Facebook and let me know or drop me an email! I want to put together amazing packages for YOU!

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