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THE ROYAL ESCAPE ~ the ULTIMATE package of private coaching + meditation

Is personalized attention exactly what you need to meet your weight loss goals, de-stress, get focused and learn tools deep down so that you end the struggles once and for all? Then THIS IS FOR YOU! My Royal Escape Platinum package will give you the one-on-one attention that you crave. I will guide you every step of the way. Together we will create a list of your goals and map out a plan to help you reach them. You will learn to manage your cravings, eliminate and manage stress, and LOVE yourself again. Imagine reaching your weight loss goals, freeing yourself from the self destructive mind chatter, and creating new strategies to prevent old patterns from blocking your long term success.
Yoga and meditation combine to retrain your nervous system, slow down the frantic energy, and ground & center you in a new sense of confidence.

In this program you will work on your relationship with food, limiting self beliefs, and exercise.

You will feel amazing when you are hitting your goals! We are on a wonderful journey together ~ enjoying the RIDE!

This is the ultimate package – a gift of incredible lifelong value from YOU to YOU!

This is right for you if:

You want to look and feel fabulous again.
You are ready to take charge of your life and your health.
You want a healthy relationship with food.
You want to change your thought patterns and stop the self destructive mind chatter.
You are ready to create healthy habits for life.
You are more interested in being healthy than the number on the scale or the number on your jeans.
You are ready for lasting changes to CREATE a better YOU

This is NOT right for you if:

You want someone to tell you what to do with no input from you about your preferences, thoughts, obstacles, etc.
You want to lose weight quickly with little or no effort – hey, this is not rocket science but it also isn’t like flipping a switch, so I don’t sell gimmicks or quick fixes.
Your primary focus is on losing weight and dieting and you have no interest in creating a different way to have a relationship with food and all the other benefits to eating healthy outside of weight loss.
You believe the right temporary “diet” will solve the problem. (You don’t believe this… do you? Of course not!
You don’t believe you can change your life and your body.
You don’t want to make time in your schedule to invest in yourself in a weekly coaching program.
You aren’t willing to take an honest look at your life to make necessary changes in order to improve your relationship with yourself.
You’re not willing to invest your time, energy and money into creating a new way to a better you.
You are not ready to become your own biggest cheerleader and have your own back, no matter what you eat or don’t eat.


We start with great energy and momentum: a two-hour confidential V.I.P. Session where we review your initial assessments and break down the challenges and brainstorm solutions. After your V.I.P. session, you will be armed with a plan for nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, and self-care. To keep you going and continue your education, you will connect with me four times a month by phone – two calls are 45-minute sessions – and two of the calls are ten minute check-in calls.


First, because it’s exciting. You are going to set the goals that set you on fire – reachable, attainable, and igniting! Second, because you are going to REACH your goals if you apply yourself – you get to customize what you need and want, and we will use ALL applicable modalities to make sure that you get there!


  • HEALTHY eating (but healthy-delicious, not healthy-grim and plain and bare)
  • NO starving (this is crazy-making stuff and not necessary)
  • NO counting or weighing or measuring (this is not sustainable for a 90-yr life span!)
  • NO excessive exercise (this actually stalls fat loss and freaks out your body)
  • TONS of loving support, meditation, journaling, reflection (inner game trumps outer!)
  • RADICAL self love to heal the wounds that are CAUSING the food overages!THE GOODIES

1.    Two 45-minute sessions per month
2.    Two 10-minute check-ins per month
3.    Email access to me – you have no excuses!!!
4.    Comprehensive initial assessment and 2-hour VIP session
1.    We craft your customized Health Plan
2.    We develop your personalized Life Balance Plan
3.    Wheel of Life creation – what we want to accomplish in six months
4.    An honest discussion of weak moments, ‘traps’ and other sticky situations
5.    Chop Chop with Love! a.k.a. – Accountability Measures
6.    OM for You and OM for ME: custom meditative mantra selections
7.    Marketing 101: grocery store list and recipe selections
8.    Deeper: recommendations for yoga poses and books to read
9.    BONUS: special discounts on other programs

Prefer a shorter option? Enroll in the THREE MONTH Royal Escape program TODAY!

PROGRAM DETAILS: same as 1 through 8 above

Questions? Concerns? Click here to send me a note – and if you want to have a chat, we can do that, too! Let me know what’s on your mind!