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DIY At Home Membership Club

This monthly coaching program is a non-neurotic, super convenient and fun solution to help you resolve issues surrounding your weight – this means all that nasty ‘mean girl’ self-talk, sugar cravings, and low energy levels. You get OODLES of support, smarts, love, strength, courage, and cheerleading.

This DIY At Home Membership Club is right for you if:

  • You are tired of counting “points” and counting calories ~ enough “food math”!
  • You want to increase your energy ~ let’s get through the day on level ten!
  • You want solutions to finally resolve your sugar cravings ~ no more white knuckling it!
  • Your weight continues to climb no matter what you do ~ you are done with the cycle!
  • You want to stop the mean girl chatter inside your head ~ get your own mind right!

The solution:

STOP the madness!!

You are totally in the right place.

Do you want someone to:

1.    Demonstrate simply and easily what you should do to manage your hunger?Perfect! We will explore all situations that crop up, from hiking to afternoon slumps to that-time-of-month to late-night munchie attacks…
2.    Show you EXACTLY how to elevate energy levels? There are solutions so that you are not grabbing at a processed carb or chocolate bar to get through a slump or to keep going during long days of work, errands, family, and obligations!
3.    Reveal tips that increase your self-love so that you can ditch the frustration and mean girl chatter inside your head? We have this covered – how you talk to yourself is a learned skill. Once you master this, half the battle – hey, probably 99% of the battle – is won. No joke. The brain is mighty powerful. Repetition of constant good, empowering thoughts = key!!
4.    Show you how to curb your sugar cravings? No sweat – when you crave sugar, it’s actually sometimes valuable information from your body about a nutrient that it’s lacking. I’m going to clue you in and you can become a detective in solving this mystery once and for all!
5.    Give you tips on how to release body fat WHILE establishing and maintaining a non-neurotic relationship to food? No more making foods ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ or using words like ‘cheating’…food is just food, and some choices make your body come alive and others don’t. We are going to get over ourselves and the diet industry shaming. No more!

What you get:

1.    TWO videos per month containing POWERFUL guidance on how to STOP sugar and carb cravings, the NO-MATH approach to dropping fat, and SELF FORGIVENESS that will have you radiant – and relieved! – with self acceptance!
2.    ONE supportive and dynamic group coaching call per month – essential to growth and accountability! OTHER WOMEN are going through what YOU are going through, and we are linking arms to get this DONE!
3.    A SECRET Facebook Group page for you to vent, celebrate, upload, download, and be a part of a community of WOMEN GETTING HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER EVERY DAY!! p.s. You will receive incredible worksheets here – this is a MUST for locking in the learning!
4.    Accountability Buddy!! Yep, that’s right – you’re going to get a special friend who will cheer you on and help you stay on those greased-lightning rails to victory!
5.    Special Guest Speakers – super surprises about EVERY aspect of being an ass kicking woman who is on a mission to get her ENERGY and BODY in world class condition!
6.    RECIPE SWAP – sick of what you’re eating in your usual routine – and looking for jazz and pizzazz? Time to swap recipes with others and switch it up.
7.    Monthly virtual retreat via Google Hangout – this is so KEY to seeing and feeling and believing that you ARE going to set this goal on fire and CRUSH your obstacles. This is a RARE and special offering that most coaching programs do NOT offer, and you are not going to want to miss the laughter, tears, and cheerleading that goes on with this Google Hangout. And I will walk you through the TWO clicks that it takes to get your gorgeous face on Google Hangout. #waveofthefutureishereandnow


Questions? Concerns? Click here to send me a note – and if you want to have a chat,
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