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Do you keep yourself up at night wondering how you allowed your weight to get out of control?
Do you berate yourself because you can’t fit into your Little Black Dress?
Are you terrified about how fat you’ll look on your wedding day?
Are you constantly tired, craving something, irritable, stressed out,
overworked and you can’t find an end in sight?
Do you feel like you can’t do this alone?

I have the solution to your pain! I will help you!

I have the solution to your pain! I will help you!
I was exactly where you are now and I climbed out of the valley to find myself and my health.
I know the pain and frustration of trying diet after diet. And watching the scale barely budge.
I know the anxiety about eating out at social events, wondering if I would have the will power to resist temptations.
I have felt the self-hatred and disappointment after a big meal or a holiday season where buttoning my jeans is a lost cause.
I also know that the gimmicks don’t work. The quick fixes are lies. I know the hype about the magazines that sell the latest diet of the week (and don’t we all agree that most of the recipes look amazing but who has time to do all of THAT?).
Because I am like you, I understand what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing with your body and food and exercise.
You will find support and guidance through coaching.
You will be a part of a tribe of women that will provide loving support and accountability to reach your goals!
Together, you and I will map out your own unique plan. You will have steps towards changing habits. You will have your OWN solutions – not a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter recommendation from a diet book, website, or magazine.
You will have access to your own cheerleader and solution-brainstormer.
This is the ROLLS ROYCE of self love and self care. Coaching is right for you if you are ready to be DONE with the agony and merry-go-round of diets, failure, diets, failure.

“My health coaching certification was born
from a desire to heal myself and heal others.”

My Health Coaching is right for you if

You are ready to take charge of what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat.
You want to feel happy about exercising – because you feel fierce, real, and strong!
You want to feel excited about shopping for clothes and rocking some cool pieces.
You desire a no-cravings, no-binging kind of day – every day!
You want to be able to come face to face with chocolate or potato chips and JUST.NOT.CARE. #boom
You want to think NICE thoughts about your body.
You are ready to become one of those “naturally thin” women who do not lie awake obsessing or sitting on the couch wondering what’s good to snack on in the food cupboards.
You are ready to give up fixating on the number on the scale and the size tag in your jeans.

You want to love what you see when you look in the mirror: proud, happy, at ease.
You are craving the self-love and self-recognition that comes from taking care of a food and weight struggle – forever.
You want to be the kind of person who can whip up delicious treats – takes a few bites – and be genuinely satisfied right there, without sliding off the cliff into overeating.
You are ready to stop checking out other women and beating yourself up with comparison-itis.

This is NOT right for you if:

  • You want someone to tell you what to do with no input from you about your preferences, thoughts, obstacles, etc. Smart eaters are their own detectives about what kinds of foods, combinations, and times of day are the best for them.
  • You want to lose weight quickly with little or no effort – this isn’t like flipping a switch, so I don’t sell gimmicks or quick fixes.
  • Your primary focus is on losing weight and dieting and you’re in a big, big hurry to lose 10 pounds in 5 minutes. I will help you figure out how to release the weight in a way that changes your mind and your body composition – and with practice, you will see that you don’t have to ride the scary weight roller coaster ever again. But if you’re looking for a lemon juice /maple syrup cleanse or a detox program that will get the weight off in unhealthy ways, you and I are not a good fit.
  • You believe the right temporary “diet” will solve the problem. (You don’t believe this… do you? Of course not!
  • You don’t believe you can change your life and your body. It’s okay to doubt because we all have some fears that maybe we aren’t up to the challenge. But if you are steadfastly determined that you are honestly never going to be able to rock this, then this isn’t the right type of coaching!
  • You don’t want to make time in your schedule to invest in yourself in a coaching program. You’re worth it – but you have to know and act like it.
  • You are being stubborn about the self-honesty that we need to make some happy changes. You are not a tree – you can get up and move, change your position, and change your mind. It requires honestly and no self-conning. If Pop Tarts or ice cream are ALWAYS going to be a bugaboo binge fest, then it takes a strong woman to say NO and not bring it in the house.
  • You are not ready to become your own biggest cheerleader and have your own back, no matter what you eat or don’t eat. This takes courage to go against the massive mindset that food is okay to eat no matter what, when, or how.
  • You will look different and feel different based on your INNER GAME – that’s the mindset piece. So even if you eat a pan of brownies, this coaching is right for you if you’re ready to recover quickly and figure out what caused it – without beating yourself up or turning the slip into a 5-day Festival of Overeating.

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