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The Posse Escape:

Food School Training!
Do you have a special event coming up?
Do you have some friends that want to lose weight with you?
Group coaching may be for you.
Are you sick of counting points?
Is counting calories making you batty?
Are you hungry all the time/tired all the time?
Do you wish you could stop the sugar madness that takes over you?
Are you frustrated with yourself because you can’t seem to get your weight under control no matter what you do?

SOLUTION: Your life is NOW – and you DESERVE to be FREE from the madness. Heck, most criminals get paroled, and you deserve to set yourself free from the jail of weight roller-coastering.

In GROUP coaching – and note: you need to know that this is the powerhouse of my programs – you are going to ditch the emotions and lock in on your goal like the Terminator (except you’re a Terminator who probably likes perfume and the color pink). But you get my point, and here’s the deal: mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to managing food. You have to eat EVERY day. However, you do not have to sweat the small stuff every day. Let’s learn management once and for all in a safe setting – we are going to explore solutions that work for YOU. This is highly customized to you.

This is about camaraderie and brain storming, trial and error, picking up torch and running with it ~ for a lifetime!! You CAN be a champion with your eating! This is about SUCCESS.

What Happens:

1.    We meet via Google Hangout (don’t worry – I will help you if this technology scares you…I promise with two clicks, you’ll be cruising: it is super simple)
2.    Small group size – we keep it small so that you get plenty of attention – we max out at 8 women! 8 is great!
3.    HANDS ON LEARNING: worksheets and exercises to really lock in the learning – practice is what is required…thoughtful contemplation and reflection what’s REALLY going on. Because you know what? It’s not really about the food….it’s about something else, and our goal is to tease out what the REAL culprit is…solve and heal THAT, and let food become what it is MEANT to be: fuel!
4.    TWO Group Sessions per month – Google Hangout so we can see our beautiful faces – per month – to review our training, our worksheets, explore solutions, and continue to uncover, heal, resolve – over and over again. The healing and learning comes in WAVES, and we are going to learn to SURF those bad boys like experts!
5.    BUDDY CALL – once a week, you’ll connect with your buddy for a turbo boost quick (5-10 minute) call – to get your shot of hip-hip-hooray and reminders about whatever it is that keeps biting at your ankles!! We gotta have support, and that’s what we’re all about here!
6.    ONE private telephone session with me per month – to discuss Y-O-U, your wins, struggles, and upcoming obstacle courses that you’ll be running. We’re going to tackle social occasions, heavy emotions, boredom eating, sugar binges – you name it, this is human stuff, and I want you to come out of the program VICTORIOUS. Practice is going to help. So is sharing. I will make sure that you nail this. Nobody gets left behind. Like the Navy Seals and all those other strike forces – we are in this together!
1.    We explore the twists and turns of being faced with multiple food and meal choices – every day! You gotta eat every day for the rest of your life, so we are going to become masterful feminine NINJAS at this whole eating and food thing!!
2.    This is a skill that you are going to master – once and for all. Why? Because we don’t want to go back through Food School again.
3.    Your mission: get this skill set so deep down in your soul that you won’t have to struggle in the future. You must make the lifestyle work for you – and that’s what we’re doing here, in group learning and one-on-one learning.

The Recap:

1.    HOW LONG DO WE TRAIN FOR: 6 months long
2.    HOW MANY OF US: 8 women
3.    HOW: Google Hangout
4.    GROUP SESSIONS: 45-min sessions TWICE per month (20 minute training and 25 minute Q & A)
5.    PRIVATE SESSION: 20-minute private call with Angela ONCE per month
6.    ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: Buddy calls TWICE a week
7.    ONLINE SUPPORT: Secret Facebook Group with your daily reports, celebrations, recipe swaps
8.    EXTRA HELP? Worksheets and downloads to implement, reflect, etc.
9.    SPECIAL BONUSES: special guest experts and other bonus goodies to surprise you!

Questions? Concerns? Click here to send me a note – and if you want to have a chat, we can do that, too! Let me know what’s on your mind!