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I get what you’re going through – when you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why it’s hard to love the reflection. In fact, I get it when you are disgusted.

I get what you’re going through – if every day is a new “diet begins today” marker – and by the end of the day, you’re consuming more calories or exceeding ‘points’ and hating yourself.

I get what you’re going through – if you feel self conscious at social events and on dates or in the bedroom or even just working out.

I have been there. There are even times when I slip back into old negative self-talk. But now life – and my thoughts – and my habits – are designed to support me in one mission: being my AWESOME SELF and helping YOU be fun, light hearted, sexy, and at ease with your food and exercise.

You deserve to live life FREE from the baloney and junk that the diet industry keeps presenting us with.
And so that’s where my current career – and my story – comes in.


Here’s why I get it. Why I ‘get’ you and the struggles and crap:

I wasn’t confident and self-assured like most young girls. I was over weight from ages 13-32.

I never felt comfortable with my body. That saying ‘feel good in your skin’?
Didn’t apply to me. Ever. Not Once.

high school over weight photos


My weight fluctuated during my college years – we’re talking about fluctuating from 140 to 180?, and I’m 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Just keeping it real. It’s not like I got really skinny. I just went from mildly overweight to overweight and then to what I considered ‘acceptable.’

help reduce weight in women

over weight college photos

In 2008, I got engaged – and took a less stressful corporate job where I joined the company’s wellness program. As part of that program, I lost some weight – maybe 20 to 30 pounds but LO AND BEHOLD, I gained ALL of this back RIGHT before my wedding. Yes, most brides are losing weight for their perfect day – I was stress eating and going off the deep end. On the most important day of a woman’s life, the gown was beautiful, the location was gorgeous, and I remember feeling fat and UNPRETTY! Who urged me to get it together? My new husband. Yep – after hearing me bitch nonstop about how fat and gross I felt all the time (not smart or sexy, ladies, but we’ve all done it), he finally got upset and told me to either do something about it or stop talking about it. My reaction? ANGER – but he was right, I realized it, and I signed up for an online training program with a nutrition component.

yoga escapes
yoga escapes
yoga escapes

But now I know what it’s like to completely reinvent myself. So my goal is to give you loads of my love, training, education, and support for any and all reinventions that you long for.

Today I am a confident, mildly-sarcastic, funny, happy woman. I have a big heart – and so much love for my clients, family, friends, and fur kids: Archie, Stormy, Stewie, and Leo. I have dreams for my present and future – I want Paris to be my second home. The beauty of the sparkling and twinkling lights on the Eiffel Tower by night makes me feel magical…I adore roses, sunshine (especially in COLD Minnesota!), expansive stretches of ocean, traveling everywhere exciting, yoga, fresh fruit – and of course, as you already know – I love chocolate!

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Having been through these painful growth experiences and having the training and education to assist others – I can move you from where you are NOW to where you want to BE, and I can help you become the person you know in your heart you are meant to be.

You deserve to have a life that is filled with self-love – and acceptance.

What kind of life is it when you don’t like who you’re hanging out with?

You deserve to have habits that support you through the good times and the bad times…you deserve to have routines that carry you through the downswings of moods, and you deserve to take it easy & pour self-care all over yourself with great generosity!

I can assure you – when you like yourself, life gets a whole lot easier. I can assure you – when you have replaced ‘bad’ habits with loving ones, life – food choices – work stress – relationship issues – all get easier to make and deal with. I can assure you – when you envision a future that checks off all the ‘must have’ boxes, you are going to want support to help you go from HERE to THERE, and there is happiness IN the journey, not just when you get there. It doesn’t have to be trudging across the desert to get a drink of water. You can FLOAT there, easily and with determination.

When I was stuck, angry, heartbroken, overweight, and freaked out about work, nobody could console me. I believe that all of this happened so that a pathway could open up and show me what my life’s work is meant to be.

What you really need to know is that getting help from someone makes the entire journey WAY easier. I am not just paying lip service to your challenges – I have probably lived those challenges, so I have a deep understanding of the pain and frustration.

Yoga Escapes

Your victories will be day by day, month by month. But you get to write out the story and then step into the pages and live it.


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